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Your Coach- Kat

MY WHY, is My Family and making our Goals a Reality! The experiences I'm able to provide to my children and the example I set through my effort and success, are the building blocks for my children to understand that nothing is handed to you.  I wake up daily a survivor, and as a fighter.  To fight for the best possible opportunities for my family, and to set the example, that hard work, with a great attitude, is the way to success and fulfillment!  Being a Mother of 3 and a business owner myself, I understand the endless need for time.  Working with Financial professionals and teaching them what businesses and families really need for a successful future, gets me fired up!

  Family is everything to me and my "WHY," behind my passion for helping advisors.  I enjoy watching my son Cole play travel baseball, my daughter Tori act and model in Hollywood and my oldest daughter Kat enjoy her life in Arizona. My husband Todd and I have been together for 20 years!  I am also an athlete and former Jr. Olympian Swimmer from the 80-90's! I swam for 6 years with a private team and won over 143 Swimming medals (all for 1st-3rd place), competed in the Jr. Olympics in San Diego for 4 years straight! I held the record for 4th place in the United States for the 100 Meter Breast Stroke, and have traveled all over the Western US for swimming! 

Katherine "Kat" Turner

Award Winning Marketing Coach and Former Director of Marketing for Equitable So Cal.


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Mom and Dad Willis

Event Management


My mom and dad are my heros! I am so blessed to have wonderful parents who guided me and made me who I am today. My mother is from the Philippines, and I have 3 brothers and am the oldest of 3 sisters. She grew up in Samar, filled with...

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Todd Turner

Operations Manager


My husband Todd, is an amazing man. He married me didn't he? He is incredibly smart and is like my "walking Encyclopedia". He is the one who helped me overcome my fear of flying. We have traveled to Lake Tahoe, Hawaii, Mammoth- you...
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Tori Ross

Creative Director


My Beautiful daughter Victoria (Tori for short) is so incredibly talented! She is a Mega Influencer on Social Media with over 200k followers on Instagram, as well as over 300k on Tik Tok! She is an actress and model living in West...

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