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Mom and Dad  Willis

Mom and Dad Willis

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My mom and dad are my heros! I am so blessed to have wonderful parents who guided me and made me who I am today. My mother is from the Philippines, and I have 3 brothers and am the oldest of 3 sisters. She grew up in Samar, filled with beautiful beaches and friendly people. She attended college in her hometown and my grandfather, Lolo, was a farmer. We owned a lot of the island we are from, in farmland. Coconut trees, tarot root, and other vegetables. My father was a Navy Seal for 20+ years. He started in the 1970s after graduating as Valedictorian of his class in upstate New York, where his family is from. He went on to attend college at Annapolis Military Academy, where he graduated as an Officer and was placed in the Seal Team Program. He met my mother Elizabeth in the Philippines and they fell in love. The Beatles, antiques and traveling were their hobbies. Robert was a Navy Seal for 22 years and retired and became a US Border Customs agent after. I am so proud of my family!!